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Take Your Bathroom from Humid to Healthy


newsletter July 2016

Muggy, clammy, sticky - these are many unfortunate ways to describe the effects of humidity, which can cause expensive moisture damage within a home. Luckily, we are now expanding our BreezGreenBuilder line to include a new humidity sensing fan with higher CFM's - 100 CFM - so you'll never need to use those words again to describe your bathroom.

The ENERGY STAR® qualified GBR100H with Humidity Sensor is smarter than your average fan. With a full speed of 100 CFM, it offers a high power solution for any bathroom along with an adjustable low speed airflow of 0 CFM or 60 CFM. The fan's built-in humidity sensor has user-adjustable set-points that allow the GBR100H to automatically adjust to high or low speeds based on a bathroom's humidity levels.

Other notable features include:

  • Modern, sleek design
  • Quiet operation at 1.4 Sones makes you forget it's there
  • Approved for ceiling and wall mount installations
  • Peace of mind brushless DC motor offers long-lasting, energy efficient performance
  • Annual energy cost for 24/7 full speed operation is approximately $13.16*
  • Adjustable low speed options of 0/60 CFM for continuous operation
  • Can safely be used in tub/shower enclosure with GFCI-protected branch circuit wiring

*Calculations based upon U.S. average retail electricity and HVI testing labs. Actual results may vary

By popular demand, hanger bars are included with the GBR100H! Installation is made even easier with your choice of two wall switches or single wall switch wiring options. Blue and amber LED indicator lights let users easily know when the fan is in full speed mode or in humidity control mode, in which the fan will default to the appropriate CFM's.

Delta Breez is synonymous with high quality and high performance. The GBR100H will ensure a bathroom stays healthy, not humid, while also saving users significant costs on energy bills.

Now larger bathrooms can benefit from Delta's new, higher CFM fan with adjustable humidity sensor.