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Delta Breez Ventilation System Humidity Solutions


newsletter Feb 2016

Delta Breez humidity-sensing fans are the ideal solution to control ventilation in areas of the home that are susceptible to high condensation, dampness, and mildew such as bathrooms, basements, and laundry rooms.

Have you ever jumped into the shower and realized, oh no, you forgot to turn on the bathroom fan? Or forgot to turn off the fan after your shower and the fan operated all day? The Delta Breez humidity-sensing bathroom fans let you simply set it and forget it!

First decide how you would like the fan to operate: humidity mode, full speed mode, or continuous low speed. Control dials underneath the grille allow for adjustment of relative humidity percentage (%RH) and continuous low CFM operation. Delta recommends two switches for this fan, but not an absolute necessity. The power switch turns the fan on and off. The mode switch, or humidity mode switch, controls what speed the fan is in: humidity sensing or full speed mode.

humidity sensing

Visible through the grille are blue or amber LED indicator lights that show you what speed, or mode, the fan is operating in. Blue LED indicates the fan is operating in humidity sensing mode and will operate when the room reaches that preset relative humidity level, %RH. Amber LED indicates the fan will operate in full speed mode.

indicator light

Another great benefit of the Delta Breez humidity-sensing fan is the low speed feature. Once the humidity falls below the preset relative humidity level, %RH, the fan will automatically drop to the (again!) pre-settable low speed of 0, 30, 60 or 80 CFM. These fans are ASHRAE 62.2-compliant for intermittent or continuous operation. Humidity sensing fans also meets CALGREEN and CA Title 24 requirements.

See www.deltabreez.com or call customer service at 888-978-9889 for installation manuals and alternative wiring options.

Set it and forget it!