Frequently Asked Questions


Who is Delta Group?

Why is a DC brushless motor better than an AC motor? Does it require any special installation or wiring?

What is Soft Start Function?

What is Lock Protection Function?

What is the purpose of the LED indicator light underneath the fan grille?

What are CFM and Sones?

How do I determine which bath fan I need – features and size?

How does the Humidity Sensor function operate?

How does the Motion Sensor function operate?

Can I keep the housing of my old fan (non Delta fan) and just replace the fan motor with Breez?

What type of light bulb(s) are used in the Fan / Light? Does the packaging contain the bulb(s)?

Can I use a timer with the Delta Breez fan?

Do you sell switches or timers?

Can the Delta Breez Fan/Light be installed with insulation around it?

Is LED light replaceable or if replacement is available?

What are the built-in control functions and how do they work?

Is it OK to exhaust into the attic?

Can Delta fans be installed in a side wall?

Can Delta fans be installed in a slanted ceiling?

Can I install the Exhaust Fan / Light in the shower or tub enclosure?

Are Delta Breez fans ENERGY STAR qualified?

Are Delta Breez fans ASHRAE 62.2 compliant?

Are Delta Breez fans UL listed and HVI certified?

Do Delta Breez fans meet Title 24 requirements?

What is the Delta Breez Ventilation Fan Warranty?

How do I reach technical and customer service?