Ventilation Importance

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Why Is Ventilation Important?

Many of today's homes are airtight and highly insulated, which are good for cost and energy-effective temperature control, but terrible for indoor air quality. Without adequate exhausting and exchange of indoor air to the outdoors, the concentration of pollutants indoors is often many times higher than that of the outdoors.

Sources of indoor air pollutants are found throughout a home, including combustion sources, building materials, cleaning products, and biological pollutants such as mold, mildew, bacteria, and pollen. These pollutants are likely to cause or exacerbate health problems. High humidity and uncontrolled moisture in the home can result in greater pollutant concentrations and increased growth of biological contaminants, as well as deterioration of furniture, paint, and more.

To improve indoor air quality, pollutants must be exhausted, indoor air must be replaced by fresh outside air, and moisture must be controlled. This is best accomplished using ventilation systems appropriate for the homeowner's exhaustion purposes. High humidity conditions are most commonly created through the use of bathroom fixtures, so proper bathroom ventilation is essential for improved indoor air quality.

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