The ELT Series: Elite & Efficient

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This summer, bring fresh air to your family with a Delta BreezElite bathroom ventilation fan. All models are certified ENERGY STAR ® Most Efficient by the EPA, a designation so elite that only 2.5% of exhaust fans on the market meet this mark. With energy savings of 67% over typical AC motor fans, a Delta BreezElite fan means big discounts on your utility bill. Other cutting-edge features include humidity sensors, motion sensors and adjustable fan speeds. Also available is a bright LED light that will last for 30,000 hours.

The Elite series brings fast and easy installs to a whole new level by introducing the industry’s first mounting brackets that quickly slide out for installation in new construction – saving contractors time and energy. For remodeling projects, the brackets stay hidden for room-side installation. At the core of all Delta Breez fans is our advanced brushless DC motor technology which is designed to run continuously for 70,000 hours – offering peace of mind for the next 8 years!